Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Bali Bike Week, and Incognito.

Bali Bike Week @Double Six beach.

So me and my housemate, spent our weekend to visit this event,
there's a bikes competition, tattoo expo, music concert and everything,
but I only came to watch their badass bikes,
so, here it is;

one of my fav! hot damn!

Tattoo Expo @Bali Bike Week.

Then we went to the Tattoo Expo after that, so many great tattoo artist from Bali and other Indonesian
big city, such as; Jakarta, Bandung, and others.
I only visit Rudi's Art Tattoo stand to see a friend of mine from jakarta being a model for the competition,
Here's Rudi's name card if you interest to get some new ink on your body,
it's easy to find his studio, if you're in Kuta, it located before Kama Sutra,
there's a Mini Mart and a lane beside it, get in to it and around 50m you'll find his sign board.

we also met one of our friend from Jakarta too, good to see you here, Dhanya!

Incognito Concert @W Hotel.

You know what's good from this concert ? It's free entry !
I love their performance, especially when they started to sing; "Still a friend of mine", and everyone started to dance and sing along together, priceless.

Such a crazy and talented guy, a demon!

Bandung kids!

The hotel lobby.

"W got their own groove with the new conceal/reveal concept, that allows guest to mingle and swim in their big pool or just be a part of the legendary Bali night scene,
W has put a new standard and reinvent the local scene."
- handamari.blogspot.com

for more W hotel pictures, come visit her post about W;


Enough for now, hope you enjoy this.
Om Swastiastu.

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