Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Sweetest Thing.

My personal anti-depression drug, also my new hobby, classic bikes, the real sweetest thing, not you!

So i bought this sweet 34 years old bike last month, it is Honda CB 100, 1976.
She was in original condition when i bought it, and now she's 10% modify. new front spring, rims, tires, etc.
I think it would be finish on December!

I took this bike on a trip last week, 180 KM to started from Jakarta to Bandung, and then 435 KM by train to Yogyakarta to watch the Merapi Mountain eruption.


it was fun riding with you, dear Anne.


I wish i could plant a tree in every place i visit, i will try to.

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ayupkurnia said...

so that is the precious bike :)